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Dining out with the Samsung Gear 360
Carl Corry is a journalism instructor at Suffolk County Community College and freelance journalist who has held leading roles at Newsday, News 12 and Long Island Business News.
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Dining out with the Samsung Gear 360

For my Emerging Media Technologies field test final project, I plan to use a Samsung 360 video camera to get an insider’s look at a restaurant — from the dining room, to the bar, to any special rooms the restaurant may have, such as an outdoor patio or wine cellar.

I plan to capture video and add text information, such as backgrounds about the owner and chef and highlights about signature dishes, at each location.

I will compare this experience to a typical restaurant profile that includes a photo and text.

This approach is a way to bring in viewers for a more immersive experience and tell more in a short about of time than a long profile piece. If all goes well, this will be published on a local arts and entertainments website.

Expected pitfalls:

  • Low light levels inside the restaurant that could hamper visibility.
  • Access to all areas, such as the kitchen.
  • I have to purchase the equipment this week and hope that it’s available.
  • Securing a location. I have several options, but need to nail down the final spot.
  • Connecting the different clips of separate parts of the restaurant in one video. I want people to be able to click to each location.
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