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Carl Corry | At Newsday, a new route
Carl Corry is a versatile freelance digital journalist, editor and educator who has held leading roles at worked at Newsday, News 12 and Long Island Business News.
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At Newsday, a new route

I first entered the news business as a 12-year-old entrepreneur, lugging 54 copies of Newsday in a milk carton tied to the handle bars of my silver Schwinn.

Turns out I was one of the area’s last paperboys. Soon after, the jobs were handed over to subcontractors in station wagons.

As of March 1, things came full circle. I’m back at Newsday, this time as the online editor for local news and products, handling all things hyperlocal. I’m looking forward to working with many of the great people I’ve come to know over the years in local journalism circles, and the others I only know from the pages of Newsday  — in the paper and online.

Many thanks to all the great people at News 12 for three great years.

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