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Carl Corry | Toto
Carl Corry is a journalism instructor at Suffolk County Community College and freelance journalist who has held leading roles at Newsday, News 12 and Long Island Business News.
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I ran out of DVD space before I could get to Toto, the man who talks to God.

Toto was in a truck accident years back and is missing many of his teeth. The accident also left him missing a couple screws.

On sunny days, Toto can be found staring straight into the sun, praying to God for teeth to grow back. Toto says he gets messages from the Good Lord, but he can’t say what he’s heard — it’s a secret.

Toto stops Daniela virtually every day on her way home for lunch. Toto points to his gummy mouth to show that God is listening — that one tooth is growing back. Unfortunately, he’s been saying the same thing for three years now.

But Daniela gives Toto a beaming smile. Says she wishes she had the same connection with the Heavens. If she did, she says, she wouldn’t have to make future dentist appointments.

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